Scenic Flights

Once in a while there comes an opportunity to do something exceptional, something out of the ordinary, never to be forgotten. Our tropical environs of reef and rainforest offer more than their fair share of these kinds of experiences with flights to alight on a sandy cay, a beach, in the rainforest or for a snapshot experience of Cape York with a tour of Cooktown.

Helicopter scenic flights can take you places you could never dream of reaching by any other means – a pristine beach in a deserted bay with the opportunity to snorkel on a fringing reef, for example. Or a flight across the Great Barrier Reef for a birdseye view of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, touching down to dive and snorkel.

With the proximity of the Daintree it’s only natural to want to explore and you can play survivor touching down in the heart of the rainforest to walk, look for crocodiles and learn much more about the flora and fauna. The Daintree is the gateway to Cape York beyond and the flight over the rainforest and coastline to Cooktown is a special experience in itself, followed by a tour of the town and a look around the James Cook Museum to learn more about the history of the area.

Flights to learn more about the Dreamtime stories of Cape York with Aboriginal guides are also a fabulous experience with the chance to view rock art thousands of years old. If horse riding is your passion, you can be flown in to a rainforest or beach location for private, guided horse rides just for you. Personalised experiences are a speciality so there are very few limits to what can be arranged to help you enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

View our sample itineraries

Sand Cay Experience

Experience the reef from the perfect perspective and touch down on your own piece of paradise. Swim and snorkel or just relax and discover solitude.

Tour overview and inclusions:

Return tropical coastline and Great Barrier Reef scenic helicopter flight
Private landing on a pristine sand cay
Opportunity for swimming, snorkelling and photography
World Heritage permit conditions apply

Duration: 2 hours (upgrade for extras including a gourmet meal and premium refreshments)

Starting point: Port Douglas or Cairns, departs on demand

$485 pp 3 persons
$540 pp 2 persons

Daintree Rainforest

Fly directly into the heart of the earths oldest surviving rainforest. The flourishing wilderness of the Daintree sustains the most incredibly diverse ecology. Be guided on rainforest pathways and seek prehistoric estuarine crocodiles.

Tour overview and inclusions
Return tropical coastline and mountain scenic helicopter flight
Exclusive interpretive rainforest walk
Rainforest freshwater pool swimming opportunity
Estuarine saltwater crocodile spotting cruise on the Daintree River
Morning or afternoon tea

Duration: 5 hours

Starting point: Port Douglas, departs 8am or 1pm, returns 1pm or 6pm

$690 pp 3 persons
$765 pp 2 persons

Starting point: Cairns, departs 8am or 1pm, returns 1pm or 6pm

$1035 pp 3 persons
$1150 pp 2 persons

Taste of the Outback

From the tropical coast to the western horizon presents many dramatic visual contrasts. Fly across lush valleys and waterfalls to soon reveal the vastness of the Australian outback and the magnificent spectacle of Mt Mulligan.

Tour overview and inclusions

Return tropical coastline and Great Dividing Range scenic helicopter flight
Exclusive mountain top helicopter landing
Remote landing at an outback billabong
Premium Australian beverages and refreshments
Gourmet cheese platter and selected fruits
Opportunity for photography – wildlife abounds

Duration: 3.5 hours

Starting point: Port Douglas or Cairns, departs on demand

$795 pp 3 persons
$885 pp 2 persons

**Please note that all prices are subject to change at any time