Keep your Australian Travel Plans

Keep your Australian Travel Plans – please!

If you are from overseas, you need to read this. ⁣
The roads are long and the country vast…⁣
To our international friends who are not so familiar with Australia, we are one united and resilient country and we will bounce back stronger than ever! ⁣
We are utterly devastated by the losses due to the bushfires down in the southern states and our hearts and support are with the people, the animals and the land – always ♥️⁣

Travel facts⁣

Conditions can change one corner to the next. ⁣
Reports are coming in that travellers are cancelling their trips to Australia and media is reporting with maps and images that the whole country is on fire. This is not true!
Please remember that the roads are long and the country vast.⁣
The economy still needs you! ⁣
The length of the Eastern Australian coastline from Cape York to Tasmania is around 4,450km. This would take you about 66 hours to drive! ⁣
Tropical North Queensland sits in the northern part for the country, thousands of kilometres north of the southern states. All is safe and business is as usual in many parts of Australia. ⁣
Please keep this in mind as you continue to support Australia from afar. Thank you. 🐨🦘

Official Tourism Australia Media Release

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